25 Years of Remodeling &
Renovation Experience


Why Choose our Team?

Do you dream of remodeling your home or small business so that it is beautiful and elegant?  Do you dream of a better designed space that works with your lifestyle?  Would you like to make your home or business more energy efficient, comfortable, and healthy?  With our team, you can do all three!   We specialize in remodeling and energy performance contracting.  

Remodeling and Renovation

We offer a full range of remodeling, renovation, and building repair services.

At our first FREE consultation, together, we will create a roadmap for your project.  We offer an initial design and quote at no charge.  Your project may require the services of a designer or architect.  If so, we can connect you to several with whom we work and provide you with a quote based on the design drawings.  

Whatever your style or design, our skilled craftsmen can construct it for you.  We build room additions, remodel bathrooms, remodel kitchens, install replacement windows, build decks, and more.  

Efficiency:  Go beyond aesthetics with your remodel.  Just a small added investment can pay huge dividends for your home’s energy efficiency, comfort, health, and safety.  We incorporate energy efficient products into our remodeling projects.  We also incorporate eco-friendly designs that result in less building material being needed.

Green Products:  Remodel with cost-effective building products that don’t off-gas toxins.  Use products manufactured with less impact to the planet’s natural resources.  We offer you options for incorporating healthy and green products into your remodeling project.  

Learn more about Green Remodeling.

Before making a large investment to remodel your home or business, consult with our team -- a remodeling firm with building science and green building experience -- and learn how to get the results you really want.   

Contact us for a free consultation and estimate about your remodeling project.


Performance Contracting

As experienced energy auditors, we are able to identify the best methods to improve the energy performance of your home or small business.

Our energy auditors are Building Performance Institute certified.  Since 2010, we have performed hundreds of comprehensive diagnostic home energy audits, and we have performed hundreds upon hundreds of basic energy assessments for our local utilities.  Our comprehensive diagnostic audit conforms to the standards set by both the Building Performance Institute and the U.S. Department of Energy’s Home Performance with Energy Star program.

As a full service home performance contractor, we also offer replacement windows and doors, including vinyl windows, ductless heat pumps, heat pump water heaters, on-demand water heaters, ventilation solutions, and more.

We are pre-qualified to work with Puget Sound Energy, Tacoma Power, the Mason County PUD 3, the Grays Harbor PUD, Lewis County PUD, and several other local utilities. We know their installation specifications and can determine your eligibility for energy efficiency incentives. 

Our Approach to Remodeling and Performance Contracting

A building structure has different components that interact together as a system.  It's just like an ecosystem.  We start with a whole-structure evaluation so that we can help you take the right steps toward energy efficiency, building durability, better air quality, and safety. 

Our owner, Bernie Miller, is a seasoned residential remodeler and renovator. Because he knows how structures are put together from the nails out, he is particularly adept at tracking down the sources of evasive problems and proposing effective, cost-conscious solutions.  That’s the advantage of having your energy audit performed by a residential remodeler with over 25 years of experience and knowledge of building science.  At Energy Efficiency First, in partnership with Quality Renovation and Carpentry, we apply our knowledge of construction and the modern principles of building science to analyze the energy performance of your home or small business and to provide you with a cost effective road map for improvement.

In addition to being concerned about your home’s energy efficiency, you’re concerned about its comfort, safety, and longevity or durability.  So are we.  If your floor needs insulation, but your foundation is rotting because of poor drainage and a resulting small river running through your crawl space, we’ll work with you to, first, resolve the drainage and foundation repair issues before the insulation is installed.  If your home needs windows, but the adjacent walls show signs of a water leak, we’ll work with you, first, to stop the leak and repair the wall.  Only when all building durability issues are solved would we install your new replacement windows.    

When we work with you, we guide you through our process, explaining what we do, how we do it, and why. When we are done, we have the diagnostic tools and knowledge to verify that we effectively upgraded the energy performance, comfort, health, and durability of your home or small business. 

Learn more about our Energy Efficiency Services.

We are Local  

We are a local, family owned company, providing excellent customer service.  Check out our listing at the Rely Local website.

We are Pet Friendly  

We know you love your furry friends, as do we!  Please tell us if you have special pet concerns on a project, such as being careful to not let the cat escape.  You might see our guy on a job site here and there.  He is a Siberian husky and Australian shepherd mix and is the best boy in the world!