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Home Energy Evaluations - Utility Rebates

PSE homeprint program

HomePrint Assesment

FREE after Instant PSE Rebate

This is a 60-90 minute visual assessment by one of our PSE certified specialists. We will replace up to 20 incandescent lights bulbs with LEDs and provide up to 2 low flow shower heads, if needed.  We will also inspect and document the following:

  • Insulation levels in the ceiling, walls, floors, and on the ducts
  • Duct condition
  • Age and condition of the space and water heating systems
  • Age and condition of major appliances

This assessment provides a basic understanding of how your home may be losing energy and the changes needed to make it more efficient.

To qualify, you must be a PSE customer using PSE electricity or gas and living in an existing single-family property or attached housing of four units or less. One rebate per household.  Households with gas power only are ineligible for free light bulbs from PSE.

Contact us to schedule an energy audit.  

Home Performance with Energy Star

A $450 rebate is available to PSE customers after the following is done:

  • Hire a PSE Certified Energy Auditor to perform a pre-improvement full diagnostic audit
  • Have 2-3 PSE pre-designated upgrades through a PSE Pre-qualified contractor (get instant rebates)
  • Have a Certified Energy Auditor perform a post-improvement diagnostic audit to measure progress
  • Keep records and submit to PSE in same calendar year

Available only single family customers living in 4-unit or less dwellings built in 1989 or before, use PSE gas or electric for heat. 

Contact us to schedule an energy audit.