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Cold Cash Available to Help Make your Home Energy Efficient, Putting More Money in Your Pocket; Step 1: The Home Energy Evaluation.


It’s freezing outside and your home may be feeling cold, drafty, and downright uncomfortable. With energy costs going through the roof, you’d probably like to find ways to prevent the air you pay to heat from going through the roof, literally, as well as from going through the walls, floor, and the HVAC duct work of your home.

Energy Efficiency First can help find energy-efficiency and building-durability solutions, as well as help you receive generous rebates for work needing to be done from Thurston Energy and Puget Sound Energy.

Knowing how your energy uses and loses energy is the first step.  Without it, you could waste a lot of money shooting in the dark, making often expensive changes that provide little return on investment.  READ MORE

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