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Tips from your Window Contractor: Choosing Windows for your Home

Consider these 5 things when choosing and placing windows in your home.  

Replacing windows is a great way to invest in your home.  It is important to select the right windows.  They need to bring the outside in when you want, but also keep the elements at bay.  The options for style, function, and performance can be intimidating. Consider these things when selecting replacement windows or deciding whether to repair or replace your windows.

Window Lingo:

Eco-Friendly Heating Options - Now Available and Affordable

We all love a cozy, warm home, especially during the damp winter (and fall and spring!) months in the Pacific Northwest.  However, achieving that snug house can sometimes come at a cost we aren’t prepared to pay.  There are solutions, though, to the inefficient heating systems in your home, costing you valuable dollars each month.

Energy Efficiency First is a Thurston County leader in eco-friendly (and budget friendly) heating options and offers three innovative ideas to improve the efficiency, cost, and environmental footprint of your home.  READ MORE

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A Heat-Pump Water Heater – Is it Right for You?

Electric water heaters used to be simple insulated tanks with a couple of electric-resistance elements that heated the water. As a U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) study put it, “Traditional Electric Resistance Water Heaters (ERWHs) are an inefficient and expensive form of water heating . . . and have the lowest source Coefficient of Performance and the highest cost per BTU of delivered water thermal energy.” The DOE posits that “swapping ERWHs with HPWHs could result in roughly 50% reduction in water heating energy consumption for 35.6% of all U.S. households.” READ MORE.

Thanksgiving. . .

With Thanksgiving here, I'd like to express my thankfulness for getting to spend time with my husband, Bernie Miller, over the holidays and for him being 7 weeks out from having a heart attack and doing so well! I am thankful for of our thriving mission-based business, and our enthusiastic and dedicated staff who make a great team.  ~ Jacqui Brown Miller

Video: Exterior Wall Insulation Retrofit

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This video from our friends at Go Green Star explains how to insulate a home's walls from the exterior, for improved energy performance and reduced energy bills, with minimum intrusion. 

Energy: Where's it Come From and Where Does it Go?

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Did you ever wonder where our country's energy comes from and where it goes? This map from the Lawrence Livermore Labratory is fascinating.  It shows in simple graphic terms where we generate energy and how much goes to various sectors. One fascinating aspect is everything you see in gray is "Rejected Energy."  This really means is waste. Particularly in electricity, as much as two thirds of all the energy created is lost during transmission and via other means before it can be used to perform actual work.  This is all the more reason to generate your own electricity right at home on your roof. 

Air Sealing Where it Counts

The graph below shows which structural air-leaks drive up energy costs the most, allowing you to maximize efforts toward reinforcing your home's building envelope.