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We offer professional insulation services.  Insulation allows your home or structure to retain valuable heat.  We evaluate your existing levels of insulation and how it is performing.  We use our expertise to determine the type and levels of additional insulation that may be needed in your attic, ceiling, walls, floors, and ducts.  Our goal is to bring your home or structure to an optimal level comfort and energy efficiency.

Insulation services we offer include:

  • Attic insulation
  • Wall insulation
  • Crawl Space or Floor insulation
  • Duct insulation
  • Fiberglass insulation
  • Cellulose insulation
  • Spray foam insulation
  • and more.

Attic Insulation

Our professional attic insulation services feature blown in fiberglass insulation and blown in cellulose insulation, depending on the needs of your structure. 

Cellulose insulation is made from 80% recycled newspaper.  The remaining content is borate; therefore, cellulose insulation can retard rodents and resist mold growth.  Cellulose is considered to be a “green” product.  Cellulose provides natural air sealing qualities because it’s heavier than fiberglass and settles more tightly to form a better air barrier.  It’s slightly more expensive for the same coverage than fiberglass insulation.  

Fiberglass blown in insulation is lighter than cellulose and won’t collect moisture.  Therefore, in attic and ceiling applications, many prefer fiberglass insulation. 

All of the products we use blow in easily to completely fill in gaps and voids and won’t settle or separate. The attic insulation we install will retain its thermal efficiency for the life of your home or structure.  

When we insulate your attic, we take care to assure that the following additional needs are met:

  • Attic air sealing is done.
  • Low ventilation structures are properly baffled.
  • Additional needed ventilation is added.
  • Bath and kitchen fans are properly vented to the outside of the home.
  • Knee walls and skylights are fully insulated.
  • Can lights are properly air sealed and baffled.

Interior & Exterior Wall Insulation

Many older structures have little to no insulation in the walls.  Un-insulated walls lose heat quickly to the outdoors, which can result in higher heating and cooling costs, uncomfortable drafts, and condensation on interior surfaces that can lead to mold growth. Your investment in wall insulation will pay for itself in reduced heating costs.

We specialize in blowing insulation into walls.  For existing homes and structures, the best way to install wall insulation is to blow loose-fill insulation into the wood-frame wall cavities. Our professional insulation technicians will drill holes in between each set of studs and blow insulation into each opening.  Insulation can be blown in from the exterior or the interior, depending on how the home was constructed.  For example, brick homes typically require an interior installation.  Where we install insulation from the outside, we offer the option for our crew to remove and reinstall shingles before and after the installation. With this option, we avoid unsightly insulation plugs being visible, maintaining the look and attractiveness of your home’s exterior covering.  

We specialize in installing cellulose insulation into void wall cavities.  When “dense packed,” cellulose provides excellent air sealing qualities in addition to the R-value that it provides. 

We also specialize in installing fiberglass into walls.  In addition to installing fiberglass batts where it makes sense to do so, we use a system known as the “blown in blanket” technology.  The BIBs technology allows us to fill the wall cavity with loose fill fiberglass insulation behind a tightly woven mesh covering.  The BIBs process is done from the interior or exterior of the home, reducing air infiltration and exceeding conventional R-values.

Whatever product or process we use, the insulation we install will be maintenance free, resist mold, and will not settle. 

Visit our blog to view a video showing how one of our sister-companies in New England insulates walls.  We use the same approach depicted in the video.  

Crawl Space or Floor Insulation

In the vast majority of existing homes, there is either no floor insulation or it was improperly installed and is not performing well. The effectiveness of insulation is cut in half if it is installed with as little as a 1/4 inch air gap between the insulation and the floor where it is installed. By properly insulating your crawl space, not only will you save money on your energy bills, you will feel more comfortable year round.

We specialize in installing fiberglass batts in between the joist bays of your under-floor. We select the correct thickness and width of insulation so that your joist bays are full and provide the most R-value possible.  We use appropriate methods to secure the insulation into place, so that our floor insulation products are as durable as possible.  Where needed, we also install spray foam insulation, which has excellent insulating and air sealing qualities.     

When we evaluate your under-floors for the insulation needs, we take care to assure that the following additional needs are met:

  • Crawl space air sealing, to remove air infiltration through the building envelope and reduce heat loss and improve air quality.
  • Remove and replace rodent damaged insulation.
  • Rodent Exclusion – retarding future rodent intrusion.
  • Water supply line insulation.
  • HVAC Duct insulation.
  • Install new vapor barrier or ground cover.
  • Insulate dryer ducting / replacement
  • Sanitize solutions / water removal.
  • Crawl space dig-outs where crawl spaces are less than 18 inches. 

HVAC Ducting Insulation 

We offer duct repair and replacement, duct air sealing, and duct insulation.  For more about these services, visit:  HVAC Ductwork.

Energy Efficiency First, working in partnership with Quality Renovation and Carpentry, has an insulation product for all of your home insulation needs.

For more information about the benefits of improving ceiling, wall, floor or duct insulation, or to schedule a home energy upgrade today, contact us here!