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Energy Audit

Tests Performed in an Energy Audit

Before making improvements, it is best to thoroughly inspect the entire home, examining power use, how well your heating and other systems function, the integrity of the building envelope, and indoor-air quality.  We do this with series of tests that apply modern building science.

Blower-Door Test

This diagnostic tool detects air leakage. With a calibrated fan and a device to track air flow and building pressure, a blower door changes the air pressure inside your home to measure the quantity and speed of outside air rushing in.

Infrared Photography 

Using thermographic photography, we get a picture of the various temperatures inside your home and on its exterior. Based on the amount of infrared radiation (heat) visible in the image, we can identify insulation deficiencies, points of air infiltration, and moisture problems.

Duct Inspection and Testing 

An average home leaks 30% of its conditioned air into the attic and crawl spaces through the ducts. We inspect ducts for leakage visually and with the blower door.  We also inspect ducts for proper insulation coverage.  

Combustion Appliance Zone (CAZ) Test 

We inspect furnaces, water heaters, ovens, and other combustion appliances. A CAZ test detects dangerous byproducts of combustion that may not be properly vented from your living area.  We also perform a Carbon Monoxide Test on the furnace to determine if there are cracks in the heat exchanger that could lead to CO infiltration into your home. 

The Home Performance Report

Once we perform the tests above, we give you a Home Energy Performance Report. This is your roadmap to a more energy-efficient home. If we find ways to reduce your energy bills or enhance your comfort and indoor-air quality, we put our skills to work to solve the problems detected by the audit. We can also advise about helpful financing options, utility rebates,  and tax credits.

Inside a typical home energy audit

Please Call for Pricing - We Offer Three Tiers of Energy Audits, depending on your needs.

Complete Diagnostic Energy Audit

Pricing is based on square footage:

  • 2,500 s.f. or less.
  • 2,501 – 3,000 s.f. 
  • 3,001 – 4,000 s.f. 
  • 4,001 – 5,000 s.f. 

Basic Assessment

This is a good starting place. We identify your home’s energy efficiency issues by making a detailed visual inspection of every part of your structure, including: doors, windows, walls, attic space, insulation, appliances, and lighting. Our report gives tips on ways to improve energy efficiency.  This assessment is a good first step before doing any bathroom remodel, kitchen remodel, room addition, or replacing windows and doors.  

PSE Customers

Puget Sound Energy Customers and Thurston Energy Customers, learn about rebates/incentives for Energy Evaluations. 

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