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Warm feet on a well insulated floor.Would you like to lower your energy bills, make your home more comfortable, and improve your indoor air quality?  How about making your home or small business easier on the environment?  Our performance contracting services can help you accomplish all these goals and more. 

It starts with a diagnostic evaluation.  

Get the information you need to proceed with a full diagnostic energy audit. During our evaluation, we run a series of diagnostic tests and we look at your home or small business as a system.  We evaluate the interrelationships between each component -- building envelope (windows, doors, air sealing), insulation levels (walls, floors, attics, ducts), combustion equipment (boilers, furnaces, water heaters).  We identify what is needed to maximize energy efficiency, comfort, and building durability, and to ensure the healthiest possible indoor air quality.  We're then able to write a roadmap for you that targets the areas with the greatest return on investment so you get the greatest home improvement for the best value. 

Typically, homeowners see at least a 20% reduction in monthly electric, gas, and water costs when all of our recommendations are implemented.

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Performance Upgrades with Energy Efficiency First

When your work with Energy Efficiency First, you get the benefit of working with an Experienced Residential Remodeler that knows Building Science:  We can identify the best methods to implement the energy efficiency retrofits needed improve your home’s energy performance. That’s the advantage of having a residential remodeler with over 25 years of experience — one with exceptional knowledge of building science — taking care of the entire process.  We apply our knowledge of homes and the modern principles of building science to analyze and upgrade the energy performance, health, and comfort of your home.

We can't promise all solutions for your home or small business will be as inexpensive as the solution featured in this video by our partner Energy Circle.  But we do promise to evaluate your structure as a system.  We promise to provide you with a prioritized list of cost-effective measures and encourage you to use this road map to energy efficiency and building durability before you spend money to solve the wrong problem.  

Home and Energy Performance Services We Provide

We offer you a wide range upgrades designed to improve the energy performance, air quality, comfort, and durability of your home or small business.  Our team will guide you through the process from start to finish.  

Our work is warrantied.  It is also performance based and quality assured. We use installation methods and products that have been performance tested and approved by organizations like Puget Sound Energy, Tacoma Power, and the U.S. Departments of Energy and Commerce, and the Bonneville Power Administration.  

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