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Facts About Healthy Homes


We recently had a client with longstanding respiratory issues that grew worse over time.  We conducted a Home Energy Audit and found that the duct work cut-out - where the ducts ran from the crawl space to the living area - was much larger than necessary.  This made for a sizable passageway for contaminated air to move from the crawl space into the client’s home.  In addition to having respiratory problems, our client had been noticing spiders inside her home, some of them poisonous.  After air sealing the ducts and installing an air barrier at the duct work penetration, our client is breathing easier.  No more contaminated air to breathe and no more scary spiders!

Your home may be sick if:

  • Your windows are foggy
  • Your allergies worse inside than outside
  • Your furnace cycles frequently
  • You notice uneven temperatures in your home
  • You see mold
  • You’re uncomfortable in your home



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