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Facts About Energy Savings


Many homes leak energy and are expensive to keep warm in the winter.   With a Home Energy Audit, we get to the root of the problem.  The solutions often are affordable and translate into significant savings.  Typically, homeowners see at least a 20% reduction in monthly electric, gas, and water costs when all of our recommendations are implemented.

3 Facts About Energy Savings:

  1. Homeowners on steps“Air that leaks through your windows, doors, walls, ceiling or ducts is a major source of energy waste, representing 25-40% of heating and cooling costs.”  (California Building Performance Contractors Association – CBPCA).
  2. Each year in the US, nearly $13 billion worth of energy, in the form of heated or cooled air, escapes through holes and cracks in residential buildings. (American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy – ACEEE).
  3. The US could save $1.2 trillion through 2020 by investing $520 billion in improvements like sealing leaky building ducts and replacing inefficient house hold appliances with new, energy-saving models. (McKinsey & Company).


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