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Facts About Comfortable Living

Recently, a soon-to-be client paid an insulation contractor a hefty sum for new floor insulation.  After the job was done, she could not figure out why her floors were still ice cold in the winter. 

We performed a home energy audit and found a three inch gap, or air pocket, between the bottom of the floor and the top of the insulation that was installed. 

We reinstalled the insulation properly, pushing it tightly against the floor.  This fixed the problem.  Our client now walks comfortably on her floors all year-round.


Energy leakage often can be traced to:

  • Air leaks in your home’s walls, floors, ceiling, and attic
  • Improperly installed insulation
  • Inefficient or incorrectly installed heating and cooling equipment
  • Poorly sealed and insulated ducts
  • Inefficient windows and doors


Three facts on living comfortably:

  1. The effectiveness of insulation is cut in half if it is installed with as little as a 1/4 inch air gap between the insulation and the floor where it is installed.
  2. When it comes to heating and cooling equipment, bigger isn't always better. The average furnace is over sized by 2-3 times, making it less efficient, costlier to operate, and requiring more maintenance than a properly sized system. (Home Energy Magazine).
  3. A comfortable indoor environment is between 68 and 78 degrees. To be comfortable, walls, ceilings, floors, and windows must effectively keep varying outdoor temperatures from entering your home.  Properly installed insulation, combined with effective air sealing, is often the most effective approach.

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