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Building Repair

Tree fell on roof and needs repair.Whether your home or small business has suffered damage from a storm or natural disaster or has been damaged through a building-science related problem such as mold and moisture, we can help.

A tree fell on your roof.  

A pipe leaked slowly into the wall and you didn't notice it until the mold started penetrating the wall, or until a portion of the ceiling caved in.  

A window leaked and rotted the framing in the wall.  

The drainage around your home is causing moisture issues in your crawl space and your foundation has become compromised. You need to re-route and capture the water and rebair the structure. 

We can help you address all of these problems, and more.  

Quality Renovation and Carpentry offers building repair services in the Olympia, Washington area, relying on the expertise of Energy Efficiency First to do repairs in the most energy efficient and eco-friendly manner possible.  

We work with your insurance company to do "insurance work."

For more information about our building repair services, or to schedule a free estimate, contact us now!